USIM Lib Reservation Facilities Term & Conditions:

  • All reservation must been made within 5 DAYS BEFORE EVENT
  • Maximum users for usage must be above 10 person
  • Damage property will be charged to the individual who reserved and used the room
  • User are responsible to set up, clean up, returning the furniture to its original location
  • Failure to follow these term and condition may result the loss of room use privileges
  • Food and beverage are not allowed
  • Library administration have the authority to cancel the reservation
  • Applicant must come to the reserve room 30 minutes before usage
  • Unclaimed reserved room will be cancelled 15 min after the start time due to other applicant
  • For emergency reservation, can be made one day in advance
  • For walk in applicant, due to the term & condition & the availability of the room
  • If requires an urgent response please contact:
    Reference Unit at 06-7686243/6245 for Seminar and Computer Lab Reservation.

    Multimedia Unit at 06-7986232/6228 for Audio and Theater Room Reservation.